Animal Health & Hospital
will take care of all of your veterinary needs!

Veterinary Services

Animal Health & Hospital wants to be your other family doctor!

With a full range of veterinary services, we are ready to help you take care of your fur-, feathered- or scaled-babies!

Exotic Pets

At Animal Health & Hospital, we know that not all pets have fur!

We treat everything from birds, rodents and rabbits to goats, llamas and alpacas! If you need health certificates for your animals, Dr. Pritchett and her staff are USDA accredited.


Need help managing the health of your hive?

Animal Health & Hospital can give you the guidance you need to treat a sick hive or maintain a healthy one.

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Furry, feathered or scaly,
we’re your other family doctor!

Non-Veterinary Services

Animal Health & Hospital offers medical boarding, basic grooming and enriching environments for your canine and feline friends.

Rescue Services

Whether you’re looking to adopt a pet or you’d like to contribute financially to helping the local rescue shelters find ‘furever’ homes for their tenets, Animal Health & Hospital can send you in the right direction.

Vets Helping Vets

Hoping to combat the stigma of mental health for both veterinarians and veterans, Animal Health & Hospital is raising awareness to mitigate the suicide rate for both groups.

Click here to see what we’re doing and to contribute!

Whether Fido needs preventative treatment or Fluffy has gotten too curious and now needs emergency help, Dr. Pritchett and her staff are committed to giving you the best pet care available. In addition to traditional medical services for household pets, Dr. Pritchett treats all manner of exotic animals, from doing dental work on rabbits to performing surgery on fish. Whatever your veterinary needs, Dr. Pritchett and her staff can help!

We’re a privately owned veterinary hospital, so you can trust that all of the medical decisions for your pet are made between you and Dr. Pritchett–not some faceless corporate owner 300 miles away! Your pets deserve care and treatment choices made locally, not by a committee that will never meet you or your animal.

To schedule an appointment click here or call (903) 753-7625 to speak with our staff.

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